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Dr Ybarra has helped me for 10 years now helping my daughter. Kim is “she who knows all.” They do the fighting with Insurance & pre-approvals. Including BIlling, EVERYONE is calm, patient, helpful & HEALING.

Kathryn Woehler

Dr. Luo is AMAZING, he is very attentive and knowledgeable of his specialty, he listens to every concern you have tries to make you feel at ease on his plan of care for you. My husband has been finding relief with his decision making on him but Dr. Luo allows you to chime in a make decisions about your pain together.

Mel Garay

Very friendly staff. Wait time was minimum. Dr Ybarra is knowledgeable,kind,and caring.

Gayle Attwood

Dr. Lin is an Amazing Doctor! She takes time to listen to concerns, she answer questions thoroughly, and most of all she cares about me as an individual and human being, not just a patient. I feel like I’m not just a number, but she actually cares! Dr. Lin knows my medical history& treats accordingly & accurately. I enjoy Seeing her & I can say when I leave her office I feel like I can push thru another day, she is so positive & supportive. I’ve been thru some tough times but Thank God for Dr. L.

Elizabeth Lampkin-Polk

After a catastrophic cycling accident in 2012 while training for her second Ironman triathlon, Monica was paralyzed from the waist down and told by doctors that she was “a complete paraplegic who would never walk again.”

“I endured years of pain but I was determined to have an active lifestyle again,” said Monica. “Through true grit I regained mobility using crutches and braces.” This was in spite of the trauma of two surgeries: spinal fusion surgery following the bike accident and surgery for an injury at her gym in 2014. When her pain persisted, Monica relied on heavy opioids to get through the day and tried injections, electrotherapy and acupuncture, among other things, but none were effective.

In January 2018 Dr. Ellen Lin recommended an HF10 trial, which relieved Monica’s pain. She moved forward with her implant in March that year.

“I no longer have opioids bogging me down and can cycle, swim, spend time with my children and travel with less pain,” she said.

Monica also devotes time to Now You See Me Foundation (, the nonprofit she founded to assist other elite athletes who suffered disabling injuries while training.

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