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VIA Disc

VIA Disc services offered in San Antonio, TX

VIA Disc NP is an innovative treatment that restores structure and function to degenerate intervertebral discs, relieving back pain. Advanced Spine and Pain Center is a pain management practice with three offices in San Antonio, Texas, that offers the latest treatments for back pain to get their patients the best possible outcomes. To learn more about VIA Disc and how it can help you, call the nearest office or schedule a consultation online today.

VIA Disc Q & A

What is VIA Disc?

VIA Disc NP is an innovative treatment for low back pain caused by degeneration of the intervertebral discs.

Each vertebra in your spine is separated and cushioned by an intervertebral disc. These discs have a tough exterior (annulus) and soft, gel-like center (nucleus) that act as shock absorbers and support the movement of your spine. As you get older, your intervertebral discs naturally degenerate and shrink. 

Changes in the structure of your discs affect the spacing in your spine, which may compress or irritate your spinal cord or a spinal nerve. Disc degeneration also causes herniated discs. 

VIA Disc contains off-the-shelf processed human nucleus pulposus (NP) that acts as a supplement for degenerated discs. 

How does VIA Disc work?

VIA Disc NP supplements the degenerated disc, helping restore its normal structure to improve function. VIA Disc NP contains a proprietary NP particulate made from intervertebral discs that comes from donor tissue. 

The donor tissue is processed to create a very small particle that is then mixed with saline. When injected into your intervertebral disc, VIA Disc NP rehydrates the disc and acts as a supplement for your tissue loss. 

What happens during VIA Disc treatment?

Your provider at Advanced Spine and Pain Center discusses the details of your VIA Disc NP treatment at your consultation. The innovative treatment is a nonsurgical injection done in the outpatient setting.

While you lie on your stomach on the procedure table, your provider cleans your skin and injects a local anesthetic to numb the area. Then, using X-ray-guided imaging, your provider injects the VIA Disc NP into your intervertebral disc using a special spine needle.

You may feel some pain and soreness following your VIA Disc NP injection. You can resume most of your usual activities following your procedure, but your provider may recommend avoiding strenuous exercise for a few days during your initial recovery.

Am I a candidate for VIA Disc?

Schedule a consultation at Advanced Spine and Pain Center to see if you’re a candidate for VIA Disc NP. The innovative pain management clinic offers this nonsurgical treatment for patients with chronic low back pain caused by disc degeneration. 

However, they may only recommend the injection if conservative medical care (pain medications and physical therapy) fails to provide significant relief from your discomfort. 

To learn more about VIA Disc for low back pain, call Advanced Spine and Pain Center or schedule an appointment online today.