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Advanced Spine and Pain Center of San Antonio Recognized as a Stimwave Center of Excellence

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National program highlights innovative, minimally invasive, non-opioid treatment option for chronic pain patients

San Antonio, TX — Sept. 25, 2019 Stimwave Technologies, the leading innovator of wireless medical pain relief implant bioelectric technology, announced today that it namedthe Advanced Spine and Pain Center of San Antonio, a Stimwave Center of Excellence as part of its national program to spotlight physicians that provide unparalleled commitment and dedication to patient outcomes.

The Stimwave Centers of Excellence program recognizes facilities that are dedicated to creating an inclusive and evidence-driven environment for chronic pain patients, and have demonstrated a high degree of clinical competence in helping appropriate patients utilize Stimwave’s unique and advanced micro-technology.

More than 400 million people worldwide endure daily chronic pain. The Stimwave Stimulator System provides a non-surgical therapy option for chronic pain with just a single device implanted through a needle.

“I’m honored to be part of this network of industry and physician leaders dedicated to improving patient access to innovative pain management therapies,” said Dr. Ellen Lin, Advanced Spine and Pain Center of San Antonio. “Chronic pain significantly impacts the lives of many Americans. Our mission at the Advanced Spine and Pain Center is to restore patients’ quality of life by providing multidisciplinary treatment, and Stimwave’s Wireless Pain Relief® technology offers patients a revolutionary approach to manage and control their pain without exposure to addictive medication.”

“The Centers of Excellence recognizes treatment centers that maintain high levels of quality by offering treatment solutions for chronic pain sufferers,” said Dr. Andrea M. Trescot, Chief Medical Officer of Stimwave. “We’re thrilled to have the Advanced Spine and Pain Center participate in this initiative and look forward to gaining valuable insights based on her deep expertise in the space and daily work with patients.”

Stimwave offers the world’s only wireless, battery-free, opioid-free implant cleared by the FDA to treat chronic neuropathic pain throughout the body, from back and leg pain addressed by spinal cord stimulation (SCS) to peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) that treats pain at the source, including shoulder pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, knee pain, hip pain and more.This approach allows more patients to be treated than ever before with a viable, affordable alternative to help fight opioid usage across the country.

Representing a life-changing technological breakthrough for the more than 400 million people worldwide who endure daily chronic pain, the Stimwave Freedom Stimulators are also the smallest neuromodulation devices available, at a volume size of 0.4 cc compared to the next smallest form factor at 15 cc and greater –Stimwave’s implants are 35x-100x smaller than any conventional system.

As a Stimwave Center of Excellence, Dr. Lin will give back to the greater Stimwave community through voluntary engagement in a committee to provide critical, ongoing feedback and insights in the areas of clinical, product, procedural, reimbursement and education.

About Advanced Spine and Pain Center

Advanced Spine and Pain Center comprises of fellowship-trained physicians specializing in multidisciplinary treatment of acute, chronic and cancer pain to restore patients’ quality of life. Offering on-site pain management with advanced non-opiate procedures and integrative treatment plans, physicians at the Advanced Spine and Pain Center specialize in treating pain through extensive training in physical medicine and rehabilitation or anesthesiology, with subspecialty training in pain management.The center strives to bring patients the highest quality of care using the latest medical technology with a goal to provide comprehensive, compassionate care across any of the convenient locations around San Antonio.For more information, visit https://ADVANCEDPAINDOC.COM.

About Stimwave

Stimwave Technologies Incorporated is a privately held medical device company engaged in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of wirelessly powered, injectable, microtechnology neurostimulators, providing patients with a convenient, safe, minimally invasive, and highly cost-effective pain management solution that is easily incorporated into their daily lives. Stimwave’s goal is to evolve its patented, cutting-edge platform into the default for neuromodulation, increasing the accessibility for patients worldwide while lowering the economic burden of pain management.




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