Scoliosis can be something one is born with or acquired later in life. Causes are numerous. Often, bracing, physical therapy and sometimes surgeries are the treatment options to correct the anatomical abnormalities. Pain can often be overlooked while trying to restore the anatomy. A pain specialist who is trained in musculoskeletal and physical medicine can accurately diagnose and treat these patients’ pain.

Dr Ybarra has helped me for 10 years now helping my daughter. Kim is “she who knows all.” They do the fighting with Insurance & pre-approvals. Including BIlling, EVERYONE is calm, patient, helpful & HEALING.

Kathryn Woehler

Dr. McClure and his staff are amazing! Last Friday, I was looking inside the office and it was closed. A lady saw us looking in and came to the door. The office member, Veronica, answered our questions and even set up an appointment for my husband the following Monday. The service and professionalism was impeccable. Thank you so much!

Jacquelyn Wheeler

Very friendly staff. Wait time was minimum. Dr Ybarra is knowledgeable,kind,and caring.

Gayle Attwood