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Pain Management

Living with Chronic Pain

By September 21, 2022November 10th, 2022No Comments

Many people today suffer from daily pain due to arthritis, botched back surgery, muscle spasms, and many other very real conditions. With new laws being put in place each day to fight the opioid crisis, it’s becoming increasingly hard to obtain prescription pain medication for many people, especially seniors.


As such, people need to learn new ways to take the edge off their pain when refused long-term prescriptions, and when over-the-counter pills and creams do little to no good. Fortunately, a few techniques exist to help you at least handle your pain a bit better.

Here are four ways to MASH your pain: 


Massage — Pain caused by muscle cramps and spasms can send extreme discomfort throughout your entire body. A deep-tissue or other type of massage will loosen the muscles and assist in easing this pain. Having someone at home give you a body massage will help, but the relief generally won’t last long. You need a professional massage therapist who knows how to target your problem areas and can give you more prolonged periods of relief when done regularly.


ActivityEngaging in an activity you love will help get your mind off the pain. When you’re busy, and not solely concentrated on your discomfort, it becomes easier to get through the day. Whether you immerse yourself in a good book, an exciting movie, a beloved hobby, or even your job, it will help you cope with the pain better.


Stretching — When sent to pain management, often they prescribe exercises to help ease your pain. Exercising gets your blood flowing better and works your muscles to assist in pain relief. It releases endorphins into your system, which is a type of hormone that fights pain. Some people can’t exercise due to medical conditions, age, or other circumstances. However, stretching is something that almost everyone can do. It’s another excellent way to work the muscles and release the endorphins that can help take the edge off your suffering.


Hot Bath — Taking a hot bath is an excellent way to relax your entire body. The heat will permeate your skin and relax your muscles. Add some Epsom salt for the best results. Taking a bath is especially useful if you do so right before bed because it will help you sleep and allow your body to recover better from the pain you’ve been feeling. If done over time, you won’t feel as stiff and sore anymore, when you get up in the mornings.


Pain is a terrible affliction to live with, especially when it’s chronic. Because everyone’s body responds differently to pain management, finding the right solution is not always easy. Try different techniques and use several in conjunction with each other if necessary. Every small amount of help will assist you in making it through your days more comfortably.